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An all in one construction and development solution

Professional Solutions Under One Roof

Projects From

Start to Finish

One to One Personalized Service

Provide You With

Peace of Mind


to Society

What We Offer

We cater for all types of goods and services related to the industry.

4 Pillars will guide you from the conceptual stage of your project up to the finishing stage of your development.

Our 4 Main Pillars

Project and Condominium Management

Our team is committed to delivering a high level of service and providing you with peace of mind!

Finishings and Turnkey Solutions

4 Pillars Ltd will give you the serenity to finish your dream home without needing to worry about anything.

and Engineering Services

We offer a myriad of construction

and development consultancy services. 

Real Estate Services

We offer a unique level of exposure to our selected properties on our platform.

Our Projects

Our Projects


“I worked alongside 4 Pillars Ltd for over 2 years and can honestly say that the hard work they put into providing a bespoke service for each Project is the reason that they are able to repeatedly bring in projects on time and on budget. Mark Gauci has an authority of calm that means that the inevitable hiccoughs that occur during a project are identified and resolved quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss.”
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Janice Fiorentino

XYZ Architects

“Mark inspires confidence in any team he works with. His attention to detail, interest and diligence at the early stages of a project means there will be few surprises along the way, leading to projects being delivered on time, to budget and snag free. He is always positive, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Mark is very much a team player but at the same time is a natural leader. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anyone, without hesitation.”

Eric Saliba

Real Estate Manager,

J Portelli Projects

“We have worked with Mark on a large scale project for around 2 years. It was a true pleasure to work with him due to his vast experience, positive demeanour, ability to keep seemingly impossible construction schedules and his passion for what he does. I have not worked with anyone with a more collaborative approach in achieving success. I welcome the next opportunity to work with Mark. I could not recommend anyone more positively.”

Neville Bonnici


Raisefields Ltd

“Whilst being meticulous to detail, time and budget, Mark fully understands the practicalities of our industry and makes it possible to fulfil the design intent in the working environment. Mark is a pleasure to work with.

Cleaven Mizzi

General Manager, Kencar Group

Technicians at Work

Our Main Areas of Expertise

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